I was born and raised in Lisbon and have been drawing since I was a child. Yet, only recently did I decide to “put my name out there”. Regarding drawing, I have never stopped experimenting and now I think I can say that I have been heading into a world of painting of my own. 

My work usually is a somewhat dream-like composition featuring a central figure. A woman or an animal, most of the times. I guess I do this because I’m a feminist and an huge animal lover.

Ahmmm. What more can I say?

Sometimes people say my work is underlyingly sad (don’t know why). It’s what flows beneath the surface that really interests me (I hope people see that too). 

I paint on canvas, wood, paper, walls… everywhere i can, basically.

Besides that, I’m also a creative copywriter at an ad agency.

If you want to know more, just go ahead and ask :)